Our Services

Target Close ServicesHere are just a few of the services that TargetClose currently offers:

White Glove Service
We work directly with your marketing team to take your design from rough mockups to a tailor-made, direct-response experience.

No more waiting for your internal team to configure and deploy new pages, upload new tags, implement identifiers and track your new creative product offering and campaign ideas. We do all that for you.

We make it all easy so your integration is a snap. And you can focus on maximizing conversions and revenues.

A/B Split Testing
Test multiple elements at multiple levels simultaneously, like different page flows, different offer configurations, different placements of upsells, different carts or even upsells after the cart. Whatever you want to refine, TargetClose is flexible enough to quickly help you find the winning combination of elements that close deals.

TargetClose HPC’s (High Performance Channels) let you create a dynamic microsite that optimizes itself to convert the customer. Not everyone gets the same experience! Depending on time of day (or season), traffic source, historical trends or your own specified percentages, the microsite will select the experience that optimizes most effectively for conversion or average order value.

Configurable Cart
Other carts are static, meaning they’re not configurable or testable. But this page is the most important: It’s where your revenue lives – or dies. Why is the cart an afterthought in other offerings? Shouldn’t you be able to test different carts as well as page flows? We agree. That’s why TargetClose lets you try different carts, or embed different carts in different places, or try carts with different offers or upsells, or even try upsells after the cart.

Post-Click Optimization
You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to get them here. But visitors don’t equal sales. It’s what you do after the click that matters the most. And visitors are not all created equal – traffic from one campaign or time of day may respond to one creative or offer, but visitors from another traffic source or time of day may respond in a completely different manner. Cracking these patterns is the key to cracking open the maximum revenue potential for you – and only TargetClose gives you the tools that you need to do this.

Know what campaigns are driving what behaviors – and know where to double down on your spend, and where to pull back.

Business Intelligence
TargetClose lets you distinguish which sales were produced by which campaigns – whether they are on television, on the web, radio or elsewhere. Tie specific sales back to specific campaigns and media spends. Omniscient, big-data knowledge about your omni-media campaign. Don’t guess. Know.

Increase Conversion Rate
To increase your conversion rate, you need to know what magic combination of factors actually produces sales. And only by optimizing specifically for conversion – the creative, the upsells, the traffic sources (and understanding all of this deeply) – can you reach your objective.

Bounce Rate
Once you get them here, make sure you don’t lose them. TargetClose helps you hone your creative to keep them around. Get the knowledge you need to reduce your bounce rate.

Increase Average Order Value
Maybe your offer only pencils when the average order reaches a certain dollar threshold. This is a different target to optimize toward than just a plain conversion. TargetClose lets you tune your creative and offer toward a path that leads your customers over this threshold – and brings you only the customers that provide this value to you.

Lifetime Value
Or you might be more interested in the long-term view. You might have a subscription or continuity offering. So you take the long view. This is another objective TargetClose can optimize for. Learn which creative, offers, page flows, traffic sources and other factors combine to deliver you customers who buy from you over and over again.