High-Performance Channel

Our High-Performance Channel (HPC) is a dynamic, direct-response microsite that uses big data to produce the highest number of conversions at the highest average order value.

High Performance ChannelsHow does it work? The HPC is dynamic, meaning different prospective customers receive completely different web experiences based on a multiplicity of big data factors, such as time of day, traffic source, historical data, etc.

Experiences may widely vary from simple creative all the way to upsells both before, during or after the cart experience. Or to different select-a-system styles, continuity configurations and price splits versus different single-pay or multi-pay offers – or any combination of of these.

Over time, multiple tests are run. These are then reconciled with actual orders – as well as returns, chargebacks and other ‘real world’ results – to produce a completely accurate end-to-end picture of what is really happening with your direct-response campaign. You’ll know how effective your ad spend dollars are – and where to double down.