Dashboard Analytics

TargetClose extends the range of your vision into your own business.

Dashboard Analytics

You have numerous traffic sources feeding into multiple tests of multiple experiences. It can be daunting or even impossible to discern what’s really going on.

TargetClose lets you understand at a glance where you’re making money – and where you’re not. You’ll understand what campaigns are delivering value. And get a clear snapshot so you can adjust your tactics accordingly.

You’ll understand whether your goals are truly being met. You’ll see whether to optimize your campaigns for conversion rate, average order value or lifetime value – depending on your strategy.

Or perhaps your product requires continuity for it to be successful: Selling razors does not work if no one buys the blades. Or maybe you require a certain percentage of customers to select a mult-pay option with an upsell.

Whatever your specific needs, only TargetClose can show you where to double down on your ad money – and where to cut back.