Cart Configurability

Unlike any other solution in the industry, the TargetClose High-Performance Channel (HPC) Cart gives you the level of testing flexibility you need.

Shopping Cart Configurability

Want to add an upsell after you’ve completed the sale? No problem. How about testing different upsells within the cart itself? Again, no problem. Want to try testing different payment plans? Or different continuity options?

With the TargetClose HPC Cart, this is never a problem.

Most carts are just the final screen in the shopping experience – the place where you get dropped off to pay. But the TargetClose cart is the beginning of a whole new range of testable experiences within the cart itself.

With an HPC, the cart is also a test – and arguably the most important one: This is where the prospect actually converts. Or not. This is where you test different cart experiences against each other. Or daisy-chain landing experience tests with cart experience tests to see which combinations convert best.

Only TargetClose gives you the flexibility you need to optimize your conversion flows completely.