Don’t let the name scare you.

TargetClose The Brain

The Brain is TargetClose’s proprietary technology that does what the human brain cannot: Understand the complex interaction of a vast number of variables.

You’re probably familiar with stock trading computers that can spot non-obvious trends like this: “On Tuesdays, if soybeans are down, Russian oil goes up 5 points.”  This is a connection that would be very difficult for a human to spot. The same kinds of non-obvious trends are buried in the data TargetClose collects for you.

The Brain analyzes this data continuously, and (perhaps) notices that on Wednesday evening, at 2:00 AM, if traffic to your site comes from display advertising on Google, Experience 5 generates 400% more conversions. Sounds good, right? Maybe you should double down … until the Brain also tells you that a much greater level of fraud and returns also occur with this group.

So the Brain decides to optimize conversion down…but this also pushes fraud and returns down to a much greater degree, thus giving you the maximum profit and minimum hassle.

Sounds pretty smart, no?