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Rapid Testing Platform

TargetClose is an agile full-service microsite solution for testing new functionality and custom integrations separate from the mothership.

Our purpose is to enable marketers to increase conversion rates, engagement, average order values and lifetime value.

Our process is to create optimal consumer journeys for every channel, audience, and device without requiring technical resources from agencies or clients.

TargetClose rapidly builds custom experiences, cart configurations, and 3rd party integrations that make campaigns successful. We drive results for client KPIs.

Our Products
High Performance Channels (HPC) 
The TargetClose HPC is the platform where we build and manage microsites on your domain or subdomain. These products include:

TargetClose Content Management System

Traffic Manager

Reporting and Analytics

TeleSales Conversion Optimization Tool

Site Creation

Content Management System (CMS)

TargetClose has a proprietary template-free CMS to create and edit user experiences with zero design limitations.

Preview, staging, and production environments to manage deployments and quality control.

Custom HTML & CSS development with unlimited integration possibilities.

Traffic Manager

Segmentation of traffic for curated experiences by audiences, products, & device

Auto-generated query string parameters for reliable conversion rate tracking

Split traffic between page variations by device

Ability to rapidly update trafficking URLs

Data Capture

Reporting & Analytics

Enable focused reporting dashboards for multi-channel testing & performance monitoring.

Implement event tracking / datalayer standards

Qualitative & quantitative analytics: as CVR, CPL, AOV, heat maps, site usability

Some tools we use: 

Call-Script Testing
TeleSales Conversion Optimizer

Increase TeleSales conversion rates using our call script A/B Testing platform.

Build and host call center scripts which are dynamically loaded based on inbound phone number.

Some of our partners include: 

Services and Capabilities

Website/landing page development
Iterative element and component testing  
Cart customization and Integration
Reporting and Analytics
Technology Audits
Data Architecture Design
System Integrations
Lead Posting to Custom CRMs
Heatmap Tracking
Call Center Script Testing
Google AMP Development
PWA Development

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