High Performance Channels

A High Performance Channel (HPC) is a client domain or subdomain where TargetClose builds custom microsites and landing pages for A/B testing, custom functionality, and conversion optimization.

Marketers use the HPC to measure performance and generate insights from ad campaigns and audiences.

How does it work? The HPC is dynamic, meaning different prospective customers receive completely different web experiences based on a multiplicity of big data factors, such as time of day, traffic source, historical data, etc.Experiences may widely vary from simple creative all the way to up-sells both before, during or after the cart experience. Or to different select-a-system styles, continuity configurations and price splits versus different single-pay or multi-pay offers – or any combination of of these.

Over time, multiple tests are run. These are then reconciled with actual orders – as well as returns, chargebacks and other ‘real world’ results – to produce a completely accurate end-to-end picture of what is really happening with your direct-response campaign. You’ll know how effective your ad spend dollars are – and where to double down.

Content Management System

TargetClose uses our very own proprietary Content Management System to build out our experiences. Our competent development team are experts in front and back-end technology and can integrate with any emerging technology your company may want to test and iterate into before spending your own time and resources

  • Template-free content management system to create and edit user experiences
  • Proprietary system that allows our developers to integrate with any new emerging tech tha
  • Preview, staging, and production environments allow for the highest level of Quality Assurance to make sure your projects are being deployed bug-free.

Traffic Manager

The TargetClose Traffic Manager is our very own traffic splitting tool that connects directly into our CMS and High Performing Channels

TargetClose Traffic Manager

Reporting & Analytics

In today’s direct-response marketing world, customer acquisition happens through many different channels, but getting these channels to work together is a major challenge.

Luckily for you, the ability to test different creative and offers for different channels is the very heart of the TargetClose Omni-Channel strategy. TargetClose enables marketers to have different experiences that support different targeted audiences by strategically segmenting your target audiences.

We proudly use the latest analytics tools in the industry:

TeleSales Conversion Optimization

Call center script testing is one of the many strengths of building out landing pages with TargetClose. Using TargetClose enables our clients to test which scripts are more likely to close a sale by iterating and testing elements and script copy on the page in real time

  • Build and host call center scripts.
  • Dynamically load offers by inbound number
  • A/B Test Call scripts

Tools and Partners: 




Payment Processors




Getting Started

Integrations with TargetClose can take on many different forms, but the most common way is to follow the steps below:

1. Contact our TargetClose Integrations Team
2. Building a High Performing Channel (HPC) using a subdomain off of an existing domain
3. Integrate analytics and develop experiences
4. Drive Traffic to new HPC

Reach out to us today to start working with TargetClose

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