Our Approach to Technical Development

TargetClose's mission is serve as a development resource to marketers who are need rapid solutions with accurate results. We do this by focusing on the following areas: 


Development Ops

Our in-house team of front and backend developers are dedicated experts in building out customized experiences for your customers and able to integrate with virtually anything.


Analytics Reporting

Our clients decisions on what to develop and iterate off of hinge on our ability to provide the accurate data. Our platforms are integrated with the industry's best analytics tools so can be sure you are giving your users the absolute best experience possible.


Iterative Testing

In the world of marketing, pages should never be static. Easily diverting traffic to new campaigns, testing creative, finding out which copy speaks best to your audience, or even swapping in new elements you think your users might like - anything is possible with TargetClose's built in iterative testing tool.


Quality Assurance

Confidence in the quality of what you push live is key. For every new environment TargetClose builds, we build a replica preview and staging environment to make sure we ship the best code possible.

Partners & Tools

TargetClose puts the most cutting edge tools to work with a list of partners that span across a wide variety of disciplines - all with the goal of executing rapid development for our clients with pin-point accurate analytics.

Our Talented Crew

Meet The Team

Chairman & CEO

Kelly Perdew


David Bruno

Senior Tech PM

Michael Mathias

Project Manager

Jacqueline Mayuga

Project Manager

Rachel Paul

Dev Team Lead

Suchitra Joshi